Mountain trails, ancient tombs, Roman bridges, rock formations, clear healing water, mysteries and legends, various herbs, delicious dishes... Have you seen all in one place? If not, come to us! Why seek exotic distant lands? Exoticism is here. Rhodope Mountains continent. Here with us, there are places where no man has gone before; bridges, which proud Romans and Byzantines were going; gizzards, who sing and grind flour; mineral water - healing and magic; Space folklore and beautiful wild horses that will help to complete all the magic - the Orpheus's Rhodope.


*    *    *

One hour is a lot, one life is short, to see and understand this ancient land.

We'll take you to the rock formations near Benkovski to see this miracle of nature - stone sponge reclining lion. And then you will understand the great insight of the poet Atanas Dalchev - 'stone - you are eternal' and than add from yourself - life lived in sin.


*    *    *

In a Rhodope song sung:

"Where tears are dropped there song will sprout, there will be a spring ... "

Everything is a live song - birds, rain, water streams, springs and fountains. The living water - it's blood on the ground. And coming Rhodope man and turns this blood spout so people and animals and birds can drink from it. Slow down! Try Orpheus's water! Sit on such fountain - so your feet to relax, wash your hands, let your soul to cry. And you think - heaven, hell and purgatory are here.