The Old Mountain invites and cheats you Rila suffocate you with her height, Pirin charms you with its beauty, Rhodopes enchants you. Majestic, proud and mystical! For this mountain the great Hajtov says it is 'Mountain of poets and contemplative', 'mountain of soul' Rhodope mountain is mystic. Rhodope is the mountain of Orpheus and Eurydice. Rhodope is the mountain of Perperikon and Tatul. Rhodope is the mountain of the mighty horses. You do not look for on the weekend. I'm in the Rhodopes. I'm Kirkovo. Peace ... without phone and internet. I do not want anything except to be there. And I think of a grandfather who told me: "When you are sad and there are problems when there is sorrow of heart, son, Come to the Kirkovo village to become young, to be a kid to go from nowhere ... to get to yourself, to your heart." People here are proud, warm and voluntary - as the mountain where they live. Solid as a rock as beautiful as the colors of the mountains, although the 'terrible time' is imprinted in some way. In the villages, in the road you will meet older people who will tell you memories - carbons close relatives of places and times past. Will pave the like rugs - chests of memories of his past. Hear the legends of the big plane in Zherka, for the area Petko's Fire near Zavoya where Petko leader was hiding, the Roman bridges in SHumnatitsa, a mosque of the seven girls (made overnight without a single nail) in s.Podkova for mineral waters near Kirkovo and Podkova. Rodopa! This mountain is not for everyone. Wiser of us, but evergreen. This mountain is not for yesterday to offend infant dates. This mountain is not for the last. It is for now the eyes of the heart. To remain eternally mountain, not necessarily know everything about her. This is a reason to come back here in Kirkovo. We are waiting for you!